Why I Love my Apple TV

There are some things that make the Apple TV great, but before we start listing the great features, we want to first explain the common misconception that is associated with it.  First of all, Apple TV is not a TV device made by the Apple company. It is actually a little black box that is the size of a hockey puck. You attach it to your television set with an HDMI cable, which means that you cannot use the Apple TV if you have a TV set that doesn’t have an HDMI connection.

Apple TVIn the beginning, Apple TV was Apple’s hobby, however, in time, they invested serious effort to change the way people access programs and movies. The connection is made through WiFi, and in the case your WiFi signal is strong, where you have positioned your TV, you will have no problems in accessing and enjoying the wide selection of features the Apple TV offers. Once you have set it up, you will have access to:

Computer Access: You can access photos or movies, and play them on your TV, from any of your computers that are connected on the WiFi in the house.

Music: You can connect your PC or Mac, with Apple TV, and listen to any song you have on your hard drive, on your TV.

Photostream: Stream photos from your iPhone, iPad or Mac directly on your TV, through WiFi.

Netflix Apple TV: If you have a Netflix account, you can have the access to the Netflix streaming library.Netflix Movies

iTunes TV: You can buy and watch episodes of your favorite TV show, whether you want to watch them individually or as the whole season, and you can watch them directly on your TV.

iTunes Movies: You can select an HD movie you want, from the amazing selection of new, as well as old movies offered through iTunes, and watch them straight to your TV. All you have to do is to rent the movie.

iTunes Radio: You will be able to create Pandora-style personalized radio stations, and that will allow you to listen and control, thousands of songs.  A perfect option when you throw a party.

Hulu Plus: If you have a Hulu Plus account, you will have access to numerous TV shows.

HBO Go: If you have HBO on your home cable system, you will be able to watch every series HBO has ever filmed. Furthermore, you can watch movies and some of the best documentaries ever made.

Podcasts: Have access to numerous podcasts from iTunes. It also syncs with your iPhone, iPad or iPod, allowing you to have full access to your podcast library.

Sports Packages: If you subscribe to seasonal packages, you will be able to follow the games from NBA, NHL, MLB, and MLS.

ESPN: You have access to ESPN programming, including some exclusive content.

Disney: You can watch plenty of Disney channels.

Web Channels: You can watch anything you want on Vimeo and YouTube, without leaving the comfort of your couch.


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3 Tips to improve your training

Most people go to the gym with the goal of achieving a more lean, fit and healthier body, however, we also do not want to do so much hard and strenuous work in order to get our rewards. While we have been told that there is no gain when there is no pain and that results come only after a great sacrifice, we can actually adjust some things in order to get the most out of your training. And because we live in a fast paced world where the hours in a day are almost always never enough, we always want to cheat the time, but never the quality of workout we do.

Gym Training

Here are 3 tips that may help you get the most of your training:

1.  Be conscious of your workout time and limit them to 30-40 minutes.Workout Time

A lot of people have the misconception that the more time they spend in the gym, the more results they get. Truth of the matter is, our body’s response to the exercises decreases after 30 to 40 minutes of gym time. Trick is to do higher intensity workout routines in a shorter period of time; this is a more effective way. The longer you stay working out in the gym, the lower the intensity of the workout you need to deliver because of course, naturally, your muscles also grow tired. Giving your body that higher intensity workout will push it to give the best it can, whilst achieving the best potential of the workout.

2. Supplement your body with pre workout shakes.

Your body needs protein supplements to aid in the muscle development as you workout. It is helpful to take a protein or carbohydrate shake before and after a workout to help provide your body with the amino acids it needs. A great pre workout supplements is c4, the c4 pre workout ingredients will energize you for the workout. After the workout, the shake stimulates muscle growth. These can be very helpful especially to those looking forward to developing specific muscle groups in their body. Have your nutritionist and trainer assess your profile, so you can find the best workout shake for you.

3. Do compound exercises.

ExerciseInstead of focusing on a specific exercise for a certain muscle group, which can actually take time, try incorporating other exercises on the routine that can target multiple muscle groups. You can maximize your time by doing this while delivering great benefits to your whole body. Just make sure you ask your trainer for assistance, especially if it is your first time doing such, to avoid muscle cramps or incorrect ways of doing the exercises.

Personalizing your own exercise routine in the gym is the best way to maximize your gym and workout time, whilst focusing on your own body needs. Remember that you are in competition with no one but yourself; the more you realize this, the more you get your focus on achieving YOUR goals and not compete with someone else’s. Maximizing your workout time will not only help you save minutes for your daily activities, it can also ensure proper workout and results when the time comes.